About Me

Hi, I am Julia Warren-Payne the maker and author behind this page. After making our wedding rings in a jewellery class, I fell into jewellery making about 1 year ago and have been absolutely hooked since then. I might even go as far as saying I have finally found my passion. Partly self-taught and partly influenced by many wonderful makers I have taken this brilliant journey as a maker and designer and I am fully enjoying it. I enjoy working with silver, gold, stone and other materials. I like to combine these materials and use the workshop as my playground to realise the ideas which come to me (too many, too quickly sometimes). So many designers manage to find a niche for themselves and create a trademark look for their jewellery making them stand out. I am still taking that journey. So, as you might notice, I dip in and out of different styles quite randomly. To be honest, I seem to have ideas quicker then I can create them and really enjoy exploring new techniques and skills. This is all part of the creative rollercoaster ride many makers take and it seems to never quite finish. I also enjoy exploring the work, jewellery and the making process of others and have created a blog where I would like to share my discoveries. Please follow me on Instagram

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